vakantiehuis bali The estate Rumah Kita (‘Our House’) is situated in the village of Kalibukbuk, less than a hundred metres from the beach of Lovina in the north of Bali.
It consists of three houses: Wantilan Gelebek Baru and Rumah Kita

In addition to these Rumah Kita features a tea house, a small office c.q. staff room, a separate Balinese kitchen with barbeque and two water towers (one of which is accessible).
Everything is built in Balinese style. 

For the Kids

vakantiehuis bali geschikt voor kinderen To top it all off, behind Wantilan, amongst the banana and the palm trees , we have a large swimming pool (with a separate shallow section for the children), nice seas and huge sunbeds, a badminton court and a refreshing garden shower. All of the homes of Rumah Kita have roofed livingterraces downstairs, living rooms that are of an open construction and, as such, in perfect harmony with nature, following the typical, traditional Balinese style of living.

Villa in Spacious Style

vakantievilla bali This spacious style of living, with the garden as a direct extention of the living room, adds considerably to a feeling of one-ness with nature. Such a style of open construction allows the energy of the surrounding nature to intermix with that of the living quarters where the undisturbed air circulation, caused by the bio-climate of the garden, vaporizes moisture in a natural way and at the same time keeps the temperature of the living quarters at a constant cool level, with the advantage that this makes any need of artificial airconditioning superfluous.

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